Why Outsource In The Philippines?


Outsourcing your digital marketing in the Philippines is no longer limited to multi-billion companies, but are now readily available to SMEs and start-ups. A brand, big or small, can now get online presence which is at par with bigger companies. The playing field is now leveled.

1. It’s more affordable than hiring a full time staff

Outsourcing in the Philippines will save you up to 60-80% on operational costs. That’s a huge chunk of your budget save for talent that performs well. This is because the cost of labor in the Philippines is relatively lower than how much it costs in developed countries. You won’t just be saving on office space, equipment, and HR and legal costs, you’ll also be saving on onboarding costs, healthcare coverage and annual salary. Another thing to consider is that outsourcing can also prevent burn out. By taking simple tasks or time-consuming projects off your full-time team and outsourcing them instead, you can keep your full-time employees happy and productive, and avoid costly burnout and turnover. It’s a win-win for everyone! 


 2. Filipinos understand that communication is key! 

The usual concern about hiring a team from a country other than your own is the language barriers. When you hire a remote team, communication is of the utmost importance. In the Philippines, however, language barriers aren’t a problem. 93% of Filipinos speak English, making the Philippines the 3rd largest English speaking country! So their communication skills are the least of your problems.

3. You are hiring qualified professionals.
The Philippines has a big pool of qualified professionals. The country produces approximately 500,000 graduates a year, half of which have studied white-collar or creative degrees. There is easily a handful of professionals from a wide range of industries you can hire when you needed! With these stats in mind, companies can quickly hire a ready and willing workforce. Outsourcing allows you to narrow down your search based on what you need, and allows you to hire the best in that field. Hiring a full-time team takes a lot of effort and the turnover is lower. When you outsource, you can quickly choose other talents faster and easier.

4. Filipinos are quick to adapt to foreign settings.
Other than communication, another concern when it comes to outsourcing is culture. Will my new hires keep up with my mindset and cultural values? Not a problem with Filipinos who have long embraced western culture. They will quickly adapt to foreign cultural settings as they enjoy learning from other countries. 

5. Different time zones will be the least of your problems,
Monitoring your outsourced team can be a struggle if there is a huge time difference between your countries. Fret not, as there is only a 2-hour time difference between the Philippines and Australia.

If there’s one thing you should know about Filipinos, it’s that they’re known to be the “happiest workers” in South East Asia! They’re always so enthusiastic about the effort they put into their work. Now that all your language, time, and credential concerns have been addressed, it’s time to consider outsourcing in the Philippines! 



When you’re hiring people for your company, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do I hire a full-time team? Do I outsource? If so, which department? Well, you don’t need to wonder any longer. We’re here to tell you why you should outsource your digital marketing:  

 1. Bring your online presence at the same level as bigger companies.

Big companies have completely gone digital – and you should too! It might take a while to get the hang of, but going digital will help you reach more quality people. With digital marketing, you can generate more leads online by reaching the right people who are already in the market looking for you. It’s definitely not as simple as it sounds so outsourcing a digital marketing team will definitely help.


 2. It’s important to allocate your marketing budget well.
When you outsource a digital marketing team, you will have people who are proficient with runnings ads to the right market and at the right time. However, a big budget wouldn’t be the defining factor for a successful campaign, you just need someone who knows how to use the budget wisely. It’s important to know where to put your money.

3. You can focus on doing other things for the business
With a whole team dedicated to improving your digital marketing performance, your other teams can focus on their own departments. Your marketing team can focus solely on marketing services, should your brand decides to make marketing a priority, it’s time to consider content marketing.  When you outsource your marketing needs in Huskee Digital, you are given more time and resources to focus on accomplishing other things for the business. 


 4. Huskee Digital’s inbound philosophy
Huskee Digital’s inbound philosophy will attract, engage and delight your audience and will see your company as a brand who provides value and builds trust. Inbound does business in a human and helpful way for your audience. With Huskee Digital, you will have a team who is proficient with runnings ads to the right market and at the right time; a big budget wouldn’t be the defining factor for a successful campaign, you just need someone who knows how to use the budget wisely. 

Digital Marketing is a thing of the present. To keep up with the competition, your brand, regardless of size and industry, should consider it. It won’t just help you reach the right people, it can also help you further your business goals. Consider how Inbound Marketing can improve your relationship with your customer and make giving value your norm.


Outsourcing may seem to be an attractive choice, especially if you’re only hiring a small team. However, it’s important to note that these people are still contributing to the bigger picture your brand wants to paint. Whether you hire full-time or not, there are a few things to consider and take note of:  

1. The key is to understand what’s best for your company

A common mistake when outsourcing is not knowing the different structures and options available for you. Before deciding to outsource, make sure you research on which one best suits your business. Outsourcing a certain department might be better than getting them full-time. There are also costs, risks, and other miscellaneous factors to consider before finalizing your decision.

2. Set your expectations straight

The success of your team still depends on you. It’s best to discuss the expectations of both ends before even hiring a team. The team your outsource must have the same goals and expectations you do. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to communicate and coordinate your tasks. Without discussing your objectives for the business and your expectations from the team, you run the risk of hiring the wrong people. Set the foundation as early as possible before making bigger steps moving forward.

Be patient when introducing your brand well to your outsourced team. They may be experienced, but this is still the first time they are handling your brand. They need time to get to know it first, just like a regular employee. It will take a while for them to fully be integrated but with a bit of patience, the transition will be easy.

3. Stay in constant communication with the team

To maintain quality control, it is essential for both parties to keep constant communication, especially when it comes to executing plans and their deadlines. When things move fast, it’s important that everyone is aware so they can adjust accordingly. Nothing is more devastating to both parties if the output does not blend in with the objectives or is not passed on time. This will also reduce the chances of messing up because a certain detail was overlooked.
There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to this, only what’s best for the company. Take the time to review your options and see how you can maximize your time and effort.  

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