Outbound to Inbound



What’s the difference?

Let’s first discuss the more traditional outbound marketing strategies.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Think of it this way: outbound marketing is the traditional way of marketing to potential customers, such as organizing trade shows, seminar series, sending email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising. It is costly and the ROI is low. Marketers push his or her message out far and wide to anyone and everyone in that area, hoping that it resonates with at least one person.

These marketing techniques are getting less effective because of the lack of personalization for these marketing frameworks. An average human today deals with over 2000 outbound marketing interruptions per day and is figuring out more and more creative ways to block them out, including caller ID and spam filtering. Unless your content is something they willingly want to take in, your ratio of success in this method is ____.

Take the Shift

If you still don’t know what Inbound Marketing is, click here.

Instead of talking to a market who would much rather block you out, we suggest inbound marketing where you can mobilize yourself to be seen by people already in the shopping in your industry. To start, you’ll need to attract visitors naturally through search engines, blogging, and social media.

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

Simply put, outbound marketing is when a marketer offers his product to see if anyone is interested. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is when a marketer offers his product to those already in the market for the product. See the difference? A lot of outbound marketing efforts is in looking for the people who might be interested, while in inbound marketing, everyone you’re talking to are already interested.

Inbound marketing is a strategy where you create content or social media tactics that spread brand awareness so people learn about you, might go to your website for information, and then purchase or show interest in your product. While some outbound strategies take lots of time and effort and may yield no leads, inbound strategies allow you to engage an audience of people that you can more easily qualify as a prospect of lead.


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