Instagram: The Next Rocket

Instagram is going to be the next Facebook.



1) I started off my talk by sharing the mindset required to do well on any marketing platform this coming decade.

2) Facebook is still the social media king in the Philippines but Instagram offers something unique: an avenue to reach a highly targeted base of customers.

3) The Philippines has one of the highest ratios of women users on Instagram in the world!

4) It’s mobile. It’s visual. It’s young.

5) If your market is AT LEAST ONE of the following, Instagram HAS to be your go-to platform.

6) Put in the work and ask yourself these questions.

7) LinkedIn is also another rocketship worth talking about.


These are the highlights of the talk I gave during GetCraft’s monthly marketing meetup. The theme of the discussion was “Marketing In The Next Decade”.

If you want a full copy of the presentation, you can get it here!

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