How Does Your Inbound Marketing Stack Up?

Inbound marketing is all about empowering people. With this philosophy, empathy comes first. How does it work? You attract potential customers to your digital channels with relevant and helpful content. Once they get there, you build trust by answering their questions and addressing their doubts. Finally, you delight them by giving them guidance as the expert. You strengthen the relationship by acting as their partner. This is the power of Inbound. 

There are two central systems that power your inbound marketing — content creation and content distribution. You will need both in order to successfully deliver your message and bring value to your customers.

Content creation — Remember that content is king. You must create a variety of content in order to cater to the different platforms of your audience. Create blogs and videos addressing problems of your customers. The closer to the pain points, the better. Aim to be a problem solver. Your content creation system must be comprised of customer personas, keyword research, content strategies, and potential lead magnets.

Content distribution — Be where the market is. You must be able to distribute the content you create at a cost-efficient scale. Your website is a non-negotiable. Having one builds legitimacy. A Facebook presence is mandatory for almost all businesses. Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn make great complementary platforms depending on your niche. Your content distribution revolves around your blog, social media platforms, PPC campaigns, and email marketing tools.


Write a well-researched article on a problem your customer is trying to solve. Turn this into a short, bite-sized video and a static post. Distribute it on key digital channels and boost it with media spend.


Build a pleasant experience on your website. There is information on your solutions readily and clearly available. Should they have other concerns, offer an avenue where they can connect with a representative.


Close the sale now through an automated email or a scheduled phone call. Provide more guidance as they prepare to agree with your terms. Create content that they can share now with their family, friends, and colleagues.


We created a simple but powerful 15-point audit to gauge the health of your inbound marketing. It covers the essential activities you must have in your business in order to deliver inbound campaigns.

It’s not a comprehensive test but it should be enough to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your ATTRACT, ENGAGE, and DELIGHT marketing activities! Take note of your score and make the necessary changes as you see fit.

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