Ask And You Shall Receive!

We’ve learned that many clients come into meetings with agencies without proper expectations. They rush into hiring an agency because they needed their campaign yesterday. And because they rush into it, they don’t spend enough time vetting the agency they work with.

The result? A difficult work relationship, tons of wasted time and effort, and customers left to deal with poor marketing and experience. All of this could have been easily avoided if expectations were properly set at the beginning!

Let’s avoid this, shall we? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve encountered!

1) Why do companies hire digital marketing agencies?

We solve primarily two problems for our clients: lack of personnel and lack of time.

First, many of our clients simply don’t have the personnel to create, execute, and maintain effective digital marketing campaigns. And we don’t blame them! They will know the in’s and out’s of their product but will find it difficult to design a layout. It’s not a crime to be human! Being an expert in multiple disciplines is quite challenging. Our clients are no different. Except if you’re Elon Musk. That guy is great at a bazillion things!

Second, they don’t have time to get past learning curves or train people to do the job. Skills like graphic design, videography, copywriting, and PPC advertising take a lot of time to develop. Recruiting for these competencies is also a huge investment in time and resources. Keeping things in-house is not as easy as it sounds.

Our clients are so immersed into the day-to-day operations that marketing activities often take a back seat. This is where we come in and provide value! We’re hired to do the dirty work that they can’t afford to do themselves.

And we’re damn good at it too!

2) What do you mean by digital marketing anyway?

Digital marketing is the promotion of a product or service through the use of digital devices like computer, mobile phones, tablet, LED screens, and other related technologies. It’s the umbrella topic that covers dozens of disciplines!

Here are some to name a few:
-Social Media
-Email Marketing
-Big Data / Analytics
-User Experience + User Design
-Influencer Marketing
-Video Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization
-Search Engine Marketing
-Conversion Rate Optimization

These are the means that businesses use today to communicate their message, engage with their markets, and sell to customers. It has become an integral part of a business’ operations because it helps drive in revenue in a scalable and measurable way.

3) Wait, so what is PPC advertising then?

PPC advertising is an online advertising model in which advertisers or businesses pay each time a user performs an action (click, view, like, etc.) on one of their online ads.

This is the model used to advertise on platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

4) Is Huskee going to overlook my sales too?

Not exactly! Marketing and sales are two different parts of a business. Marketing’s primary agenda is creating awareness and generating prospects. On the other hand, sales is concerned with closing deals and maintaining a steady base of returning customers. Both are in charge of nurturing relationships with your customers! The two functions work hand-in-hand to create business growth and an awesome customer experience.

This is why it is important to align both functions. Both functions require different resources and strategies. They experience different challenges. We’ve seen from experience that a misunderstanding of who is in charge of what often leads to delays, missed opportunities, and poor business performance.

We work closely with the sales teams of our clients to ensure that we are delivering quality leads and support the sales team in closing deals. Team work makes the dream work!

5) This sounds great and all but isn’t it expensive?

Many business owners treat marketing as an unnecessary expense. Often times, it’s the marketing budget that gets cut down when there is a need for savings. We believe that this is a narrow way of looking at marketing. 

Digital marketing is what allows you to bring in more customers to your business. It helps validate all the work you do in the background by putting a spotlight on the solutions you have. Plus, digital marketing has made it even easier to measure ROI of your efforts. 

6) What should I know before I make the investment?

Unfortunately, not even digital marketing can solve poor service or a bad product. Before you make the investment, get validation first if your customers are generally happy with what they pay for. Work on creating a great product or service and the marketing will come easier.

Digital marketing will only shine a light on whatever is already there. And sometimes, this can do more harm than good!

7) Should we do Facebook or Google advertising first?

It will depend on what your objectives are and what part of the customer journey you are currently focused on.

Most people use Facebook for entertainment and connecting with other people. Their minds are set on being informed, entertained, or educated. As such, focusing on just selling your product almost guarantees that nobody will pay attention to you. Brands that excel on Facebook tell stories and start discussions. 

On the other hand, Google serves as the ultimate resource for any and every question we have about the world. What’s the movie schedule? What’s the best Japanese restaurant? How do I wash my jeans? Google has an answer for every question imaginable! Brands often use Google to reach customers already looking for solutions to their problems.

8) What key performance indicators should we track?

We believe that truly effective marketing campaigns lead to sales opportunities. That could be in the form of a visit to your store, a booking, a reservation, a phone call, or a submission of contact information. Good marketing entertains. Great marketing inspires action. A funny video is nice but if it doesn’t move customers to come to your business then it isn’t effective marketing.

We also believe that marketing campaigns should NOT be judged by how many people “liked” a post. Likes or followers are vanity metrics. They provide little to no real value other than looking nice. You could have a hundred thousand followers but convert zero of them into sales.

For marketing metrics, we recommend tracking substantial indicators of interest like clickthrough rates, website page views, lead form submissions, and inquiries made.

9) How much is the investment to work with Huskee?

Digital marketing may seem like just clicking buttons and posting on social media but it’s really more than that. Often times, digital marketing teams have to work in high pressure situations, coordinate with several stakeholders, and tie all the digital channels together. If digital marketing was that easy, then there would be no need to hire agencies! 

Our pricing depends heavily on your requirements. We have packages that can be customized further to help you achieve your goals.

Best to check out our pricing page.

10) How will I know what I need to tackle first?

There are two central systems that power your digital marketing — content creation and content distribution. You will need both in order to successfully deliver your message and bring value to your customers.



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