Recall those times you went online shopping. Ever notice those emails that welcome you whenever you subscribe to a newsletter?

Or those emails that remind you about the shopping cart you forgot to check out?

Or those that thank you for your purchase and then offer you a small discount for the next time you shop?

These are examples of email marketing automation—the strategic sending of automated emails to targeted audiences in specific situations. And they can make all the difference in how customers interact with your e-commerce website.

Three Reasons Why Your E-commerce Website Needs Email Marketing Automation

It’s an easy way to encourage sales.

“Automation” is the keyword here. You can set up the email campaign once and it can run on its own indefinitely, sending out whenever customers perform certain actions on your website. It can be a great passive way to market your offers and strengthen customer relationships.

It personalizes your customers’ shopping experience.

Automated email campaigns are also an effective way to reach segmented audiences. By giving customers content that is relevant and tailored to their shopping behavior, you keep them invested in their relationship with your brand.

It’s expected at this point.

Automated emails have become such a given to the online shopping experience. It would be strange NOT to receive an email welcoming you to a newsletter or thanking you for a purchase. So if your business isn’t doing email marketing automation yet, you might want to consider both its practicality and how it will keep your website’s experience up-to-date.

Huskee Digital is a Proud Omnisend Partner

Omnisend is a powerful email marketing tool trusted by 70,000+ e-commerce brands and counting.

As an Omnisend partner, we’re confident that we can equip your e-commerce website with the automated email campaigns it needs to keep its shopping experience active and engaging.

We currently offer two packages that cover what we believe are the must-have automation campaigns for any e-commerce website.


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