Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

2 May 2020
Miggy Azurin


Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

Be where your customers are looking for your business!



Businesses exist to make a difference in our society in order to bridge the gap of a problem that people have to a solution. It is their responsibility to market themselves to identify, anticipate, and satisfy people’s needs.

The relationship between a customer and a business can already begin as early as the marketing stages of the product. And as fast as technology is taking over, these marketing strategies must adapt to digital marketing.

 We listed some reasons why digital marketing is the direction towards a progressive business.

1) Digital Marketing is the ultimate equalizer

Traditional marketing methods are important but relying on that alone is a risk that is not worth to take. With the digital age, marketing to thousands of people in a single stroke is no longer exclusive to big corporations. The power of online channels level the playing field and make it easier for smaller businesses to catch up to their larger contemporaries. There are so many factors playing in that the highest bidder doesn’t always win. Platforms often prefer to show relevant, highly personal, and quality content. This gives anyone with the right message a chance to win customers over.

The simplest Instagram business that has strong online engagements can attract customers away from the titans of the industry. If one refuses to adapt to this trend then the startups can easily overtake the stubborn.


2) Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Reaching thousands of people used to cost an arm and a leg. Most businesses simply could not afford it with the resources it entailed – Coordination with newspapers, printing of ads, dealing with expensive radio and television airtime rates were among the many factors marketers had to endure. These easily cost hundreds and thousands of dollars and will expand higher as the market increases – Pricier primetime billboard locations, longer media airtime, employing more staff to maintain these campaigns. 

But with the digital age, businesses can take advantage of the convenience and efficiency at a smaller cost. With the availability of social media, email lists, and other online platforms, these channels will expose a business to a larger scale. It’s faster, it requires less manpower, and less energy to coordinate the product to various stakeholders.  For as little as one dollar a day, you can start competing with other businesses and market to more people.

3) It’s easier to measure and track ROI with digital marketing.

Because everything is online, you can capture much-needed data on every step of your customers’ journey. Understanding how your target audiences’ engagement in a local and global scale serves as an advantage to your product – These were difficult to come across during the time when our world was dominated by traditional marketing.

With tools such as Google Analytics readily available, it gives business owners the power to gauge the actual reach of their campaigns. It gives immediate feedback that can in return improve the product. You’ll know exactly where customers fall off from your radar thus allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

These serve as an asset to the company’s performance management and goal setting procedures. With data readily available, it’s now easier to justify adjustments within the company. You can give good reason for an increase of budget because you can more accurately measure return on investment.

4) This is where the attention will be for a long time.

Marketing is essential in every business as it reaches out to people in order to understand their needs. Couple this with the undying power of the Internet; this gives you a formidable combination that covers the majority of your audience. We used to indulge in TV, radio, and newspapers. Now the attention is online. Marketers should not be loyal to a platform. They should instead be loyal to where the attention is.

Recent statistics show that 4.3 billion people are active users online. Your websites, search engines, email threads, social media are among the channels that people are exposed to on a daily basis. This shows that digital marketing allows you to have contact with your target audience because they are already there – Actively tweeting, checking their emails, ready to consume whatever their attention span can take.

5)  You can build relationships and create connections at scale.

Marketing is all about relationships and the end goal will always be how to understand and help people. It is physically impossible to meet a thousand individuals and get to know their problems every single day. But these can be addressed with digital marketing, as channels such as social media go both ways. This increase in visibility is vital as it opens the door to forming an online community.  The most engaging businesses are the ones who get to bring in the customers. Digital marketing allows you to share your message faster and wider than going to each prospect one by one.

By captivating and taking command of your audience, it builds a platform from the product to the consumer – Giving a platform to interrelate and form loyal customers, thus improving your reputation.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of running a business will depend on how you let your creative juices flowing. The end goal is not always about profit, rather it’s about helping others. Our society relies heavily on the relationships of people with one another, and as marketers it’s pivotal that business is run through sensible methods. With the advancement of digital marketing, these are all attainable if you play your cards right with the proper mindset in creating a world beyond the margins. 


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