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29 Apr 2021
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With the pandemic, sports events have mostly been postponed or put on hold for the safety of sports professionals and athletes. And with lockdowns and quarantines forcing people to stay home, most have resorted to buying their own equipment to get their workouts in. Online stores have begun to fill this demand. Even physical stores have optimized their online counterparts to better serve their customers. 

If you just started to branch out to selling online, it can be tough to be seen. But with the right marketing strategies, you’ll soon get a steady stream of loyal customers.

Engage with sports fans

Sports fans can be passionate about their favorite teams and athletes. If they see their sports idols wearing a particular brand, they’re sure to follow suit. Engaging with them can be beneficial to your business. Not only are you building brand recognition, but you are also fostering trust for future loyal customers.

Social media is the best platform to engage with sports fans. You can hold weekly polls about fans’ favorite athletes or have them share a story about their favorite sports moments from the previous events. It also helps to be updated with trending news and events related to sports or athletes.

Share a mix of sports and entertainment content

Engagement with fans is not only limited to interacting with them directly on social media. Another great way is by creating and sharing content that would appeal to them and possibly fuel more of their interest in certain sports personalities.

You can write up profiles for well-known athletes with facts and statistics or sharing their workout routines to keep themselves fit and healthy during quarantines. Maybe even include their favorite sports brands that your store could be carrying so you can link the reader to buying it from you.

Always optimize for mobile

For a business that targets customers with an active, usually on-the-go lifestyle, optimizing your shop for mobile phones is a must.

More ecommerce happens through mobile phones and with the rise of various mobile shopping apps, it’s been made so much easier to shop at your own convenience. So optimizing your online store to work for mobile is a big plus.

By optimizing for mobile phones, you can improve user experience and engagement. Make sure they can navigate your store easily on mobile for a more positive experience which can lead to users staying longer in your store, making them more likely to return to it. Make your store appealing and readily accessible for your customers to drive traffic and repeat buys.

Be consistent with your content and branding

Even though you’re sharing and producing a mix of content, it’s still important to stay consistent with your branding. If you aim to market products that don’t take up too much space and can be used indoors, then make content like home workout tips or what equipment is best for a home gym.  Some equipment may be more suitable for spaces with a lot more room or one’s perfect for home backyards so tailoring your content around that idea will work as well.

You can take inspiration from local sports retailers like Decathlon PH and their posts about outdoor equipment offering backboards, nets, and camping tents, focusing on activities that can be done right in the backyard. Toby’s Sports meanwhile geared their posts towards staying fit indoors amid the ongoing quarantine.

Don’t forget to review your digital marketing performance

As with any marketing strategy, data is the most important resource you can acquire. Reviewing your digital marketing performance can give you insights into your customers’ actions that you can best utilize to your advantage. You may get different results from different campaigns you’ve done.

Advertising on social media may be effective for a certain demographic while email marketing may only work for a certain market. Or maybe the content you’ve produced about staying fit and healthy at home has gotten more hits recently. Take note of these results so you’ll know which strategy you need to strengthen to boost your numbers or which one you need to change to get a more favorable result.

Capitalizing on these trends can drive traffic to your website and pages and turn these leads into loyal customers to grow your sports equipment store.

These are only some of the tips that can get you ahead of your competition when it comes to marketing your products. Combine it with dedication to deliver the best service and products to the people who need it and a fully capable digital marketing team like Huskee Digital that can handle all these for you. Plus, having a dedicated marketing  team will save you time and worries.

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