5 Social Media Tips That Can Make Your Pharmaceutical Brand Stand Out

29 Apr 2021
Huskee Digital


Pharmaceutical companies may be at the forefront of medical and scientific research and especially in these times, there are more opportunities for the industry in the digital marketing space. Physicians and other healthcare providers have access to pharmaceutical companies, and with today’s digital climate, regular people should have easier access to pharma brands. But considering how highly specialized and technical the pharma industry is, it can be confusing to decode all the jargon that gets thrown around.

Your pharma brand could take the opportunity to fill this gap and stand out from the other brands by being more accessible through digital marketing and social media. Here’s some steps you could take to getting your pharma brand out there in the online community.

Emphasize The Value of Your Pharma Brand

The value of your pharma brand is closely tied to its branding. The standards that your pharma company choose to follow and uphold when creating its products and delivering them to the consumers will reflect on your pharma brand’s marketing and will strengthen brand recognition.

You can improve your pharma brand’s recognition through meaningful customer experience. Interacting with customers on social media in a friendly and responsible manner, promoting relevant research or upcoming products can help in promoting your brand as a trustworthy one.

Create Educational Content

Create content that would educate both consumers and physicians alike about your drugs, but make sure you are producing specific content for your audience groups for it to be more effective. Not everyone will consume your generic blogs or posts. As a pharma company, there are forms of specialized content regarding your products that is meant for people within the industry such as MSDS documents, consumer guides, and physician manuals on prescribing certain drugs.

However, for the consumers, such content is not ideal since they are too technical for the average person. Instead, publish blogs and articles on your company’s website for easier reading. People who may be curious about your products would want to know what your drugs are for specifically but explained in simpler terms. This includes statistics about your products that can help convince customers as well regarding the value of your drugs. It could also encourage data analysts to use that data in their own publications, which will help with link building.

Produce Quality Graphics

The medical and pharmaceutical field has a lot of technical jargon that might intimidate your customers since they have no idea what any of it means. You do not want to alienate the people you are marketing to.

To remedy this, produce quality informational graphics about your products that are eye-catching and at the same time easy to read and understand. Carefully crafted infographics for the convenience of your customers shows that you put them at the forefront of your marketing strategies. Doing this also helps your branding gain recognition. Make your company and your products accessible to the common person and they are sure to remember you.

Tell Human Stories

Traditionally, information about ailments and prescribed treatments are limited to medical and pharmaceutical industry workers. A patient just has to put all their trust in their doctors that the medicine they were given will work on them.

But with so much information readily available online, people are more aware and more engaged. They do their own research about their symptoms and the medicine they were prescribed. In fact, there are those that are more proactive and would share their experiences with certain drugs.

You can utilize this to your advantage by sharing and highlighting these testimonials. By sharing their stories on your social media platforms, you are facilitating engagement with your customers. Publishing your own data is all well and good for credibility but the customer’s personal experience shouldn’t be dismissed as well. Here is a good example to refer to from Pharma Partners.

Implement video in your pharma marketing efforts

As stated earlier, eye-catching graphics are great to attract attention and educate the customers at the same time. But videos work well too especially on social media. It saves time and packs a lot of information in just a few seconds.

Disseminate helpful info through short video clips. Not everyone has the time nor the patience to sit and read through a wall of text that details your new products. Producing a short promotional video highlighting its features will work better and at the same time, provides a visual of the product. Plus, content like that is easily shareable, thus improving your pharma brand’s reach.

Similar to how no one wants to be in the last place in terms of advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical field, you don’t want your brand to get left behind in the digital marketing sphere as well. It’s not the only form of marketing but considering how much of our lives are spent online now, the shift to digital is the next marketing frontier. And with Huskee Digital, you’ll be sure to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Email us now at woof@huskeedigital.com

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