5 Ways To Effectively Market Your Virtual Art Gallery Online

20 May 2021
Huskee Digital


The art industry is evolving rapidly with the advancement of technology. And one of the industry’s latest trends in the virtual art gallery. You can set up the most stunning artworks in your gallery but it hardly means anything without anyone looking at it and appreciating it. But anything online can be awarded exposure with the right marketing tools and strategies.

1. Create an Ecommerce Website

An eCommerce website can serve as your virtual art gallery and online shop in one. You can display your works and then put them up for sale right away.

You can also have the option to sell your works as prints alone or have them as printed as designs on various items like shirts or bags. Either way, by setting up a website for your art that also functions as an online store, your followers can purchase directly without having to navigate through countless links.

You can take inspiration from Shantell Martin and her quirky, innovative website or from James Lewis’s website that showcases the various brands he’s worked with.

2. Tell Your Story in a Unique Way

Your website is your space to tell your story. You can put an about me page where you can put your artist statement. Your artist statement should describe your work, process, and purpose for creating art or what your art symbolizes.

A good artist statement can also establish your brand because it should be uniquely you. As you express your thoughts and feelings through your art, your art statement should encapsulate those ideas and emotions.

You can get inspiration from these art statements if you’re having trouble how to express yours.

3. Distribute Newsletters

Newsletters are great for promoting both your art and your website. Do you have new art? Feature it in the newsletter, maybe say something about what inspired you for that art. Then you can inform your customer that they can buy it as a standalone print to hang at their place or have it printed on a shirt or a bag.

In art email marketing campaigns, newsletters are extremely beneficial when it comes to announcing any upcoming vernissages, shows, or exhibits.  Upload the announcement flyer or other similar photos into your email to make it more visually appealing. You can then incorporate effectively to pique the reader’s interest in attending your virtual event. You can also use it as a space for giving personal updates. Personalizing your email newsletter ensures engagement with your clients and/or followers.

Here are some good examples of effective art gallery newsletters:

Courtesy of  L21

Courtesy of New York Academy of Art

4. Promote Your Art Gallery on Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the popular spaces artists promote their art. More often than not, it’s where they build their following. Instagram and Pinterest are the top platforms because of their focus on visual content. But it’s a good idea to spread your name out to other sites as well, like promoting on Facebook artist groups.

Not only will you have a space dedicated to just showing your artworks, but you’ll also gain followers and connections. Old fans can follow your work while gaining new ones. Moreover, some art galleries assume that switching to online shopping will reduce the number of repeat customers, but this apprehension seems to be unsubstantiated. Also on the internet, where users have a lot of options, people are always faithful to products they’ve purchased before.

5. Capitalize on other Digital Marketing Strategies

Optimize your virtual art gallery for SEO, or you can also do paid social media advertising since you’ll be using social media to promote your art.

Producing videos is also a good tactic. A popular one for artists is making speed paint videos. They upload these on their social media accounts like Instagram to the fascination of many people witnessing how a beautiful artwork emerges from a blank canvas. This entices first-time viewers to check out the rest of their work.

The fact that the art industry is changing at a fast pace is the main challenge to developing strong marketing strategies. It’s impossible to keep up with all the developments, and the constant shift toward the online art industry is one of the most significant changes that new times have brought to the art world. If you believe that professional art lovers are hesitant to purchase fine art online, then you are mistaken. However, many of them continue to buy strictly from art galleries and art dealers in person. It’s always a good idea to have a solid marketing strategy outside of the public realm, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the potential of digital marketing.

As a budding artist who is starting out on making yourself known in the industry, setting up a virtual art gallery is a good first step to achieve relevance. The ways mentioned above are a good starting point for marketing yourself. But if you’re still having trouble or simply don’t have the time or patience, working with a good digital marketing team can make the difference. We here at Huskee Digital can help your art gain the exposure you want. Send us an email at woof@huskeedigital.com to get started.

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