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26 Apr 2021
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It’s not a secret that the internet is changing the way people buy and sell used diamonds and jewels nowadays, and it’s also slowly but surely displacing traditional pawnbrokers. There are several benefits of starting an online jewelry shop, ranging from increased visibility to reduced promotional prices. New platforms can also be used by both retailers and distributors to increase brand recognition, shape brand identity, and attract potential customers. The internet also makes it simple to communicate with prospective buyers and provide customized services. Additionally, online selling is less expensive compared to establishing a conventional selling platform.

Moreover, building up a website and featuring your items is all it takes to start an online jewelry shop. If you sell on Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, or another e-commerce channel, you don’t even need to have a website. However, establishing long-term customer relationships and distinguishing yourself from your competitors are the difficult parts of online selling. Not to mention, it’s extremely important to promote customer-centricity and innovativeness in your marketing campaigns in this new age if you want your brand to stand out.

Many well-known jewelry companies have gone online in order to extend their scope and reach new buyers. Richline Group, Tiffany & Co., Blue Nile, and other online jewelers bring in millions of dollars every year. And while the COVID-19 pandemic’s long-term impact on the jewelry industry is still unknown, one trend that will undoubtedly persist is the shift from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce shopping. In fact, millions of people purchased jewelry online for the first time this year.

To help you successfully market your jewelry store online, here are four ways you can do to start everything strong:

1. Be Clear With What Type of Jewelry You’re Going To Sell

It is important to know that online sales are possible for any type of jewelry. However, if you want to capitalize on the types that sell a lot, you have to take the time to figure out what kind of jewelry you want to market. This will help the customers understand what you offer and save you time and resources in the long term.

Here are some of the major types of jewelry that are commonly sold online:

Vintage and Estate Jewelry – Ecommerce buyers are increasingly interested in vintage and estate jewelry. Some people just have a keen eye and enjoy rummaging around estate sales and flea markets. Vintage jewelry allows shoppers to own something that is both original and historically significant.

Handmade Jewelry – Handmade jewelry often highlights the jeweler’s artistic style as well as technical abilities. To make one-of-a-kind pieces, semi-precious stones and rare materials are being used. This one-of-a-kind value appeals to most customers. It enables them to buy a truly unique piece without having to spend a lot of money on fine jewelry.

Fine Jewelry – Fine jewelry is made with high-quality materials and precious stones, including second-to-none craftsmanship. It features high-quality materials over one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. Such types of jewelry can be prohibitively costly, but they result in greater profits when you sell them.

Costume Jewelry – Costume jewelry is commonly trendy, mass-produced, and made of relatively inexpensive materials. This can fall into the cheap-purchase category for buyers, which suggests that you’ll need to sell plenty of it to generate a profit.

To inspire you, here are two jewelry brands that are doing it well online:

1. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a French jewelry brand known for its outstanding artistry and century-old background. That isn’t to say they haven’t kept up with the times. They’ve welcomed digital in recent years, using their e-commerce platform to immerse consumers in engaging fantasy realms built specifically for each of their collection.

2. Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the most well-known high-end jewelry brands that has been creating popular and successful jewelry digital promotions. Bulgari’s social media campaigns are often neatly bound together with marketing hashtags and brand hashtags, which encourages fans to make their own content as well by sharing the posts.

2. Focus On Brand Development and Effective Marketing

Once you have established the type of jewelry that you’re going to sell to your target customers, the next step is to focus on brand development and effective marketing. When it comes to learning how to sell jewelry online, brand development and marketing can be intimidating, but they’re really quite easy to handle once you get how they work.

When it comes to brand development and marketing, here are some of the most effective steps you can take to successfully move forward:

Identify your target customers

To effectively identify your target audience, follow the steps below:

1. Create an ideal customer profile (age, gender, income level, location)

2. Conduct Market Research (surveys, interviews, focus groups)

3. Leverage existing customer data (use Google Analytics data, review customer relationship management data)

Develop an effective messaging strategy for your jewelry store

To develop an effective messaging strategy for your jewelry store, you can start by working on the following:

1. USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

2. Understanding of Your Audience 

  • Who you are marketing to?
  • What they value and care about?
  • The type of language they use and will respond to?

3. Brand Story

4. Brand Voice

Invest in a flexible content marketing strategy

To fully maximize the benefits of your content marketing strategy, your content must be:

1. Designed for your target customer

2. Valuable to your customers

3. Attention-grabbing

4. Action-oriented

5. Brand-appropriate

6. Optimized for SEO purposes

Brand development can help you stand out from the crowd. It is also the best way to let your customers know how you are different from your competitors. Coupled with effective marketing, selling your jewelry online then becomes a breeze.

3. Invest in Ecommerce

There are a wide variety of jewelry businesses that can profit from creating their own e-commerce platform. Given the current situation, consumers no longer want to go to the high street to purchase products in today’s dynamic and convenience-oriented social system; instead, they want to shop and purchase from the comfort of their own homes. This makes e-commerce a flexible option for you and your customers. While a physical store is still essential to your business, e-commerce can contribute a lot of advantages when it comes to growing your brand as a whole. 

E-commerce is an incredible way to transform your business from a conventional brick-and-mortar shop to a cutting-edge, well-known jewelry brand. An online store can be open 24/7, allowing the customers to shop wherever they choose, regardless of their timetable. People nowadays don’t really have time to go shopping for jewelry; instead, an increasing number of people choose to search online for pieces they want or need. If you can provide this convenience to your customers, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t cater to a broader variety of customers searching for a simple and versatile experience. Ecommerce is beneficial because there are available resources on sites where people can learn more about a product. So before they make a purchase, we feed them with information, hopefully, convincing them to buy.

4. Reach Out on Social Media

When it comes to online marketing, social media will always be on any list. This is how powerful this aspect is in terms of digital marketing. If you’re planning to market your jewelry brand on social media, these are some of the most successful platforms that you can utilize:

  • Facebook – Marketing your jewelry on Facebook is unquestionably a huge opportunity for your business. Not to mention, Facebook has developed itself as the most successful social media site, as well as an important area for online jewelry marketing. Given Facebook’s vast array of options for brands, promoting your jewelry business on the social media site is a perfect way to get a huge advantage on your online jewelry business. One of the most successful e-commerce stores that utilized Facebook as its playground is My Jewellery.
  • Instagram – Instagram is a visually-oriented social media site, and when it comes to jewelry, a lot of attention is placed on jewelry product photos for both online marketing and sales purposes. On a daily basis,  Instagram receives countless posts on a variety of topics, including food, health, travel, fashion, among many others, which are seen and consumed by millions of users. If you want to know how powerful Instagram is when it comes to selling jewelry products, then feel free to check out BaubleBar’s Instagram account.
  • Pinterest – People are more drawn to visual media these days because they don’t have time to read long promotional materials or they simply don’t prefer to do it that way. Pinterest is fully aware of this, and as a result, it has established itself as one of the most effective visual social media sites in the world.  This has benefited greatly in online jewelry marketing, as jewelry businesses work extensively with product photos with the goal to market their jewelry collection as effectively as possible. Take Mejuri Jewelry as a good example. 

Case Study


Thanks to its digital marketing strategy, Pandora’s name is now so well-known that they don’t have to think about branded searches. Their latest non-branded digital approach, on the other hand, is sweeping the jewelry market. Pandora accomplishes this by including a variety of specific, uniquely labeled URLs that lead consumers to the exact page they are looking for. This ensures that consumers would be guided to the most useful section, giving them a great user experience. To learn more about how Pandora is maximizing the benefits of digital marketing, check out this complete case study.

Digital Marketing With Huskee Digital

Marketing your jewelry brand online doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right partner, you can maximize your chances of growing your online presence, increasing your leads, and boosting your sales. Get in touch with our team today! 

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