5 Things To Ask Your Marketing Agency

5 Things To Ask Your Marketing Agency

5 Things To Ask Your Marketing Agency

These questions could mean the difference between success and failure with your partnership.



We’ve learned that many clients come into meetings with agencies without proper expectations. They rush into hiring an agency because they needed their campaign yesterday. And because they rush into it, they don’t spend enough time vetting the agency they work with.

The result? A difficult work relationship, tons of wasted time and effort, and customers left to deal with poor marketing and experience. All of this could have been easily avoided if expectations were properly set at the beginning!

Let’s avoid this. Here are five things you can ask the next time you request a pitch:

1) Are you fulfilling my requirements internally or are you outsourcing the work?

Many marketing agencies seek the help of freelancers, part-time creatives, or other agencies to fulfill their clients’ marketing campaigns. While this is an industry practice, it’s good to be aware of those boundaries. You should be familiar with what your marketing agency fulfills internally and what they outsource to other people. This will allow you to manage expectations better and hold your agency responsible for the output.

Be sure to ask your marketing agency what are their core competencies (these should almost always be fulfilled internally) and what work requires additional help.


2) Have you done previous work with a company similar to ours?

Your marketing agency will have had extensive experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes. However, you should seek to know if they have done work with companies more similar to your own. Not necessarily just industry. Consider also the number of people on your team, the available marketing resources, and how quickly decisions are made.

For example, some agencies work with a client’s internal marketing and creatives team. Others, take on that entire role entirely. Some agencies do well working in large, complex organizations. Others, prefer to work in the lean and fast environment of a startup or medium-sized business.

The more familiarity your marketing agency has with companies similar to yours, the easier any work relationship will be. Both organizations have to find the perfect fit!

3) Have you done work in our industry before?

One of the biggest challenges of any marketing agency is getting familiar with an industry. You can’t blame them! It takes years to be an expert in a certain field. Most agencies will bring in their marketing savvy while relying on you for much-needed insights about your specific industry.

It would be a huge advantage to work with an agency that has found previous success working on products or services similar to yours. Be sure to ask them for a case study and have them share some of their learnings. This can help you better gauge how well they’ve learned from their previous experiences.

Also, be sure to get confirmation that they are not currently working with direct competitors OR they do not have any current non-compete clauses in previous engagements.


4) How much was the biggest media budget you ever handled? 

Running Facebook or Google ads is not for the faint of heart. It’s extremely easy to burn your financial resources if you do not know how to setup and scale paid advertising campaigns properly.

Your marketing agency should have previous experience managing media budgets similar to the one you are considering. It also matters where they have spent this budget. Facebook ad campaigns are not exactly the same as Google ad campaigns. Both require different skillsets and expertise in order to scale properly.

The agency should also demonstrate a deep understanding of data beyond the vanity metrics like followers or impressions. They should be able to explain to you how they are going to spend your media budget and where it will be allocated.

5)  Have you delivered this scope of work in the past?

Last question to ask is often overlooked!

You want to work with a team that has already delivered a similar scope of work to previous clients. No two accounts are going to be exactly the same. However, you will be more confident knowing that your marketing agency has successful implemented similar projects in the past.

It’s also good to inquire about the times they delivered the scope of work but did not achieve the goals they set out to achieve. The experience will benefit you because they can help you avoid careless mistakes. When they talk about their recommendations, it would be best to listen! 

Main Benefits of TikTok Advertising

How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!

The Bounce Back Blueprint

The Bounce Back Blueprint

The Bounce Back Blueprint

It’s time to rebuild your marketing campaigns this 2020.



For many of us, the “new normal” will not be very pleasant.

Businesses will be challenged to innovate, adapt, and service customers in different ways.  They will have to look at their operations in a different light — especially, marketing and sales. How we communicate value to our customers is going to change dramatically.

If there was ever a time to REBUILD your marketing and sales processes, that time would be NOW.

We’re happy to present to you the BOUNCE BACK BLUEPRINT — an easy-to-follow framework to help you navigate through uncertain times. It’s based on the INBOUND MARKETING methodology of doing business, It’s essentially a set of strategies, guides, cheat sheets to help you rebuild your marketing efforts. 

We created worksheets, shared ideas, and even presented our own strategies for post COVID-19. All of this was made the fast-track your rebuild.



Traditionally, businesses aimed to advertise their products and services to wide audiences. There was not much regard for a personalized approach. The only objective was to reach as many people as possible.

However, those days are far behind us. The average customer today has access to loads of information. They are smarter, savvier, and more empowered by all the options they have. They decide when, where, and how they will make a purchase. Businesses no longer have the leverage they used to!

Marketing professionals all over the world are moving away from the “shotgun” method of advertising to a more personal and contextualized approach.

This is called INBOUND – a more human and helpful way to do marketing. 



Customers will have different priorities when things get back to normal. They will be more cautious, more careful with their purchasing decisions. There will always be that layer of anxiety too. This is the added pressure of what is already a challenging next few months for business owners, marketers, and sales managers.

You will need to spend your next few months building trust and providing real value.  We drafted up a plan that can help you do just that. Throw away any strategies you had coming into 2020. You will need to adapt with the times.

Here’s a quick 101 video on inbound marketing!



Don’t buy into the fear. Short-term thinking will not take you very far. Remember, this is not a temporary inconvenience. Many experts believe that the economic impact of this pandemic will be felt for years to come. There will be a 12-18 month window of profound reinvention, innovations, and business pivoting.

The negative consequences brought about by COVID-19 is forcing businesses to look at their long-term prospects again. Get ahead of the curve by rebuilding your foundations first.



If you saw our kickoff video but didn’t want to indulge in 50 minutes of inbound talk, we’re happy to present to you the too long ; didn’t watch version for you to read. Hopefully this gives you the right perspective on the next steps you need to take to implement inbound marketing.



You have to first spend the next 4 weeks building solid foundations to work on. That means CREATING CONTENT for your audience and building DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS for your material.

You want to first focus on redefining your customer personas. Their priorities, realities, and pain points have changed for 2020. You want to ensure you really get into the nitty gritty details. It would be ideal to even interview some of your current customers to see where they are at with their health and mindset.

Next, you should go on and finally start that blog or content channel. It could be on Medium or Youtube. It could even just be on your Facebook page. It really doesn’t have to be perfect. All that matters is that you have a platform to use.

Lastly, you want to look at integrating email marketing into your systems. It may come as a surprise to you but email marketing is not dead. Far from it.



After you build out your content and distribution systems, now is the time to scale up quickly!

You want to be able to start scaling your content offerings by creating articles, images, and videos. Remember, done is better than perfect. You don’t need to create highly produced content at the start. In fact, just by starting you already get ahead of your competitors. We really like Gary Varynerchuk’s content strategy. It’s our inspiration for most campaigns!

Here’s our suggested, easy-to-follow formula: Write a blog post about a topic your customer persona might be interested in. You then create or attach a free offer — anything from a free consultation to a well-organized ebook will work just fine. Lastly, you distribute like crazy on social media and your email list. Running PPC advertisng campaigns is also helpful.

During this time, you also want to start getting in touch with previous prospects again. See if you can be of any help! You’d be surprised by how open they will be during this time.


Now this is where the party starts!

Month 3 is when you can double down on your PPC advertising! You harness the power of paid media campaigns in order to bring more people to your website via the content you create. Facebook is great and cost-effective platform but Google (Search, Display, Mobile, and Youtube) is highly underrated.

You should also start looking at creating a monumental piece of content. It could be a video talking about the issues around your product or industry. It can even be a long-form article or a 10-page ebook. The point is that you should create these pieces at least once a quarter as that allows you to build momentum in the long-run.

Remember, this is a long-term game. We’re not suddenly just going to return to normal. Things will pick up slowly so you can afford to be patient. You have really no other choice but to stay the course at this point.

On Month 3, you want to build up another write blog – make free offer – distribute on social media sequence. This has to be a routine that you have to build in your business. The key to growing good marketing habits is to stay consistent!



In summary, inbound marketing can be implemented in 5 easy steps:

1) Create new CUSTOMER PERSONAS — really dig in to their fears and aspirations during this time of COVID -19.

2) Plot out a COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT STRATEGY — this includes topics you will write about and where you will distribute these in the online space. Topics are based on your personas.

3) Build out your BLOGGING CAPABILITIES and your EMAIL MARKETING TOOLS — these are foundational pieces to any inbound approach.

4) Follow the formula: create content — offer something of value — distribute on all your channels — rinse, repeat, and reiterate as often as needed.

5) Scale up with PPC advertising on Facebook and Google platforms.



The goals you set at the start of the year may no longer be relevant anymore. You will need to revisit your strategies coming into this year and reinvent your marketing and sales activities. The goal is still the same: finding prospects, negotiating good deals, and servicing clients. It’s how you will do it that needs to change!

And if you need more assistance, our BOUNCE BACK BLUEPRINT will help you put down together a new marketing strategy for tomorrow’s uncertainties.

The negative consequences brought about by COVID-19 is forcing businesses to look at their long-term prospects again. Get ahead of the curve by rebuilding your foundations first. 

Main Benefits of TikTok Advertising

How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!

Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

Be where your customers are looking for your business!



Businesses exist to make a difference in our society in order to bridge the gap of a problem that people have to a solution. It is their responsibility to market themselves to identify, anticipate, and satisfy people’s needs.

The relationship between a customer and a business can already begin as early as the marketing stages of the product. And as fast as technology is taking over, these marketing strategies must adapt to digital marketing.

 We listed some reasons why digital marketing is the direction towards a progressive business.

1) Digital Marketing is the ultimate equalizer

Traditional marketing methods are important but relying on that alone is a risk that is not worth to take. With the digital age, marketing to thousands of people in a single stroke is no longer exclusive to big corporations. The power of online channels level the playing field and make it easier for smaller businesses to catch up to their larger contemporaries. There are so many factors playing in that the highest bidder doesn’t always win. Platforms often prefer to show relevant, highly personal, and quality content. This gives anyone with the right message a chance to win customers over.

The simplest Instagram business that has strong online engagements can attract customers away from the titans of the industry. If one refuses to adapt to this trend then the startups can easily overtake the stubborn.


2) Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Reaching thousands of people used to cost an arm and a leg. Most businesses simply could not afford it with the resources it entailed – Coordination with newspapers, printing of ads, dealing with expensive radio and television airtime rates were among the many factors marketers had to endure. These easily cost hundreds and thousands of dollars and will expand higher as the market increases – Pricier primetime billboard locations, longer media airtime, employing more staff to maintain these campaigns. 

But with the digital age, businesses can take advantage of the convenience and efficiency at a smaller cost. With the availability of social media, email lists, and other online platforms, these channels will expose a business to a larger scale. It’s faster, it requires less manpower, and less energy to coordinate the product to various stakeholders.  For as little as one dollar a day, you can start competing with other businesses and market to more people.

3) It’s easier to measure and track ROI with digital marketing.

Because everything is online, you can capture much-needed data on every step of your customers’ journey. Understanding how your target audiences’ engagement in a local and global scale serves as an advantage to your product – These were difficult to come across during the time when our world was dominated by traditional marketing.

With tools such as Google Analytics readily available, it gives business owners the power to gauge the actual reach of their campaigns. It gives immediate feedback that can in return improve the product. You’ll know exactly where customers fall off from your radar thus allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

These serve as an asset to the company’s performance management and goal setting procedures. With data readily available, it’s now easier to justify adjustments within the company. You can give good reason for an increase of budget because you can more accurately measure return on investment.

4) This is where the attention will be for a long time.

Marketing is essential in every business as it reaches out to people in order to understand their needs. Couple this with the undying power of the Internet; this gives you a formidable combination that covers the majority of your audience. We used to indulge in TV, radio, and newspapers. Now the attention is online. Marketers should not be loyal to a platform. They should instead be loyal to where the attention is.

Recent statistics show that 4.3 billion people are active users online. Your websites, search engines, email threads, social media are among the channels that people are exposed to on a daily basis. This shows that digital marketing allows you to have contact with your target audience because they are already there – Actively tweeting, checking their emails, ready to consume whatever their attention span can take.

5)  You can build relationships and create connections at scale.

Marketing is all about relationships and the end goal will always be how to understand and help people. It is physically impossible to meet a thousand individuals and get to know their problems every single day. But these can be addressed with digital marketing, as channels such as social media go both ways. This increase in visibility is vital as it opens the door to forming an online community.  The most engaging businesses are the ones who get to bring in the customers. Digital marketing allows you to share your message faster and wider than going to each prospect one by one.

By captivating and taking command of your audience, it builds a platform from the product to the consumer – Giving a platform to interrelate and form loyal customers, thus improving your reputation.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of running a business will depend on how you let your creative juices flowing. The end goal is not always about profit, rather it’s about helping others. Our society relies heavily on the relationships of people with one another, and as marketers it’s pivotal that business is run through sensible methods. With the advancement of digital marketing, these are all attainable if you play your cards right with the proper mindset in creating a world beyond the margins. 


Three AMAZING e-books filled with pure, unadulterated Google Advertising goodness. This is everything you need to get started!




How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!