6 Skills You Need In Your Marketing Team

6 Skills You Need In Your Marketing Team

6 Skills You Need In Your Marketing Team

Digital marketing requires a diverse set of skills.



Digital marketing acts as a crucial role in packaging a product. Despite the digital age’s innovative nature, marketing to thousands of people still demand excellence in every little detail. People are exposed to millions of stimuli everyday and it’s critical to keep up with an individual’s attention span. It’s important to always be in people’s minds to catch potential clients in their point of entry to the market.

But this shouldn’t be much of a challenge if your team is a group of competent and driven people. To further guide your business, here are some skills you should look into before assembling your digital marketing team.


1) Project Management

For any team, you must be someone who knows how to set your objectives and how to achieve your key results. If one fails to have the foresight then the business will not have the direction that it needs.

Marketing is such a large scope that heading straight on to the field without a strategy is imprudent. It puts the business at risk of wasting time, effort, and money without assessing the whole picture of the market. With the accessibility of data and a measurable ROI, it’s vital to be able to take advantage of this or else the business will be left behind.


2) Altruism and empathy

Business is not all about making a sale – it’s about making an impact on society, changing the way we do things to help people progress better. As a marketer, you need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes.

One should be aware of what the community is talking about, what they are feeling, what are their current issues are. The best marketer is someone who knows how to empathize with his market. One of a business’ best advantages they can show is their reputation on how they deal with customers. People can see deceit from a mile away. Thus operating a business through values and the genuine intention to help will bring success even further.


3) Adaptability

Marketing and the digital world are both evolving concepts, and in order to be efficient with your campaigns, you must have the attitude to always want to learn. One must always ask themselves how to improve their campaigns, what their market is talking about now, what new marketing tools are available.

A good understanding to socio political topics for example is vital as things are constantly evolving. With jargon that can have completely different meaning months from now, it’s important to be quick on your feet since we need to adjust fast and pick up new things right away. Nothing is more uncomfortable than seeing an ad trying to get a message across with antiquated, irrelevant, and possibly insensitive methods.


4) Communication

Your team members must know how to work and collaborate together as a team to achieve your set goals for each campaign. Everyone must know how to listen, write, and speak.

This is important as early as the planning stages – How can you expect to send a message across thousands of people if you can’t align within the group? It is expected from the team to be able to articulate in a confident manner that can provide a consistent and established message. This will translate to the bigger picture in the future.


5) Creativity

As each day passes it gets harder and harder to be original. The world is filled with brilliant minds that it becomes a tough competition to be on top. You must train yourself to create fresh ideas and concrete ways of executing them.

Nothing saturates a concept faster if it’s run to the ground without any significant twists to it – It even puts the business at possibility of being called lazy and heartless.


6) Data Analysis

But it would also be unwise to rely solely on creativity alone. With the resources available to crunch numbers into comprehensive reports, it’s important that the steps taken during the creative process is within a solid quantitative foundation.

In order to optimize your campaigns, the back-end must be prioritized. One must know how to flesh out data and analyze them to support the next marketing campaigns you will do for your brand.

Main Benefits of TikTok Advertising

How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!

Instagram: The Next Rocket

Instagram: The Next Rocket

Instagram: The Next Rocket

Instagram is going to be the next Facebook.



1) I started off my talk by sharing the mindset required to do well on any marketing platform this coming decade.

2) Facebook is still the social media king in the Philippines but Instagram offers something unique: an avenue to reach a highly targeted base of customers.

3) The Philippines has one of the highest ratios of women users on Instagram in the world!

4) It’s mobile. It’s visual. It’s young.

5) If your market is AT LEAST ONE of the following, Instagram HAS to be your go-to platform.

6) Put in the work and ask yourself these questions.

7) LinkedIn is also another rocketship worth talking about.


These are the highlights of the talk I gave during GetCraft’s monthly marketing meetup. The theme of the discussion was “Marketing In The Next Decade”.

If you want a full copy of the presentation, you can get it here!

Main Benefits of TikTok Advertising

How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!

How To Hire A Digital Marketer

How To Hire A Digital Marketer

How To Hire A Digital Marketer

Practical tips for your next hiring cycle. Beef up your digital marketing!



As a business owner, you are going to have to hire digital marketing professionals to help you scale your business. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring someone to be part of your digital marketing team.


Name one campaign they are proud of. Ask the candidate to enumerate the tasks and steps they made for the success of it. It is important to know what the applicant thinks their edge is and the strengths they can bring to the team in order to know the extent of their knowledge in marketing.


 Aside from asking about marketing wins, ask about their limitations with their skills. Find out what are some of the digital marketing tasks they usually have difficulties with.

Get to know which ones you can help them work on, and which ones they are actually willing to work on.


Provide a situationer: Your team is in the last phase of a campaign, but one team member is not responding to the tasks he is given. How will you deal with this? – This will test them on how they fare on the importance of team camaraderie.

As a recruiter you will find out their leadership skills, and how they communicate to ensure that work flow within team members won’t be a concern.


Here’s another situationer: There is a new platform that is being used by your target market. How do you familiarize yourself with the new app? – It’s important to know how a future team member is willing to discover new things for your brand: How eager they are to learn about new strategies, marketing tools, target market to reach your marketing goals.

With this test you will find out how hungry they are for knowledge and their receptiveness to learning. This information is vital for you as it would set the path on how to be more efficient when it comes to teaching and mentoring.


In digital marketing, your team will constantly create new campaigns, and a creative slump or burnout is very common in marketing teams. Make sure to ask the applicant what gets them inspired, how they create, and what gets them through these challenges to gauge the kind of working environment they would need.


Get to know how passionate they can really get. It’s important to know how far they are willing to go and what they are willing to do to see a marketing campaign succeed.


Here are other things to ask the applicant based on the job they are applying for.

Digital Strategist
How can you reach your target market if they are part of the 32-45 year old age range?

This is for you to figure out what their means are for market research, and how they approach a certain challenge.

PPC Manager
Which is better to measure in a campaign: Click-through Rate (CTR) or engagement rate?

Ask this to get to know what kind of campaigns they have managed and what for them is the more valuable rate. This will allow you to know their priorities when it comes to running ads.

Multimedia Artist
What is your multimedia forte? What apps are you competent with?

Even as a multimedia artist, there are still styles they prefer, and what kind of output they are good at. Get to know what these are and how they mastered them. Gauge what they are capable of, what programs they have used, what types of production they’ve been a part of, and what work they did in these productions.

SEO Content Writer 
Ask for sample works, and how they optimized the article for SEO.

This will give you a perspective on their writing style and if it is suitable for the direction your business is going to. 

Web Developer

How do you scope out a new project/website?W hat’s the most intricate website/coding you have done for a website?

By asking these questions you will get an idea of the working process of your future web developer. It’s important to know how they scope projects, how they plan layouts, and how they plot the timelines of completion. You will learn their work process as well as see what programs they have worked with and which sections in the website they prioritize.

Community Manager
What are online ways where the brand can engage more with their loyal customers? 

Ask this to your potential community manager to flesh out to see where they stand on the importance of creating loyal relationships with customers.

Main Benefits of TikTok Advertising

How Does It Work?

TikTok ads aren't just about making videos. In fact, there are plenty of different formats to explore!